What is it? Tell me more!

Slide Them Boxes is a puzzle game, about a world where the order of colorful boxes has been messed up and your objective is to tidy them all up again. Literally many bad things had happened, but not to worry, as help is on its way!

You are going to help, aren't you?

Moving around the level is done with your little character, who can either push or pull the boxes to move them about. Make sure you don't box him in. There are currently 32 levels to try and beat. You have no time limit or other things to worry about other than the brain crunching required to figure out what to move where and in what order.

If you're sold already, download it here for free ..

What does it look like? I bet it's ugly.

You bet your sweet cheeks it's not!

A short YouTube video of the action can be seen below:

Okay, I want it. NOW!

Sure, you can get it for free. Download links for both Windows and Mac OS X installers are below.

Windows (6.5MB)
Mac OS X (5.4MB)

What's next?

Now you play it. And beat it. And then compete for the top spot in the scoreboard, which is listed below.

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I don't like your face ..

That's too bad, because I do like yours.

.. but I like your game.

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