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Postby Eigen » Sat Nov 02, 2013 9:20 pm

Text Based Multiplayer RTS
Take an RTS game, drop the graphics and the mouse interface.

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Current version: 0.1.4

What's this?

It is as the title states - a text based multiplayer RTS similar to C&C. You build and upgrdade your base, train infantry and build vehicles to take on up to 8 other players in a real-time strategy game. Your tanks may be mighty but you are the key in combat. Can you out-type your opponent?

What ... why?

You see, ever since my Text Based Multiplayer Shooter from last year which people really seemed to love I've been wanting to make a sequel. Not a direct one, but more of spiritual and technical successor. The shooter game was a lot of fun to play but the depth of the game's mechanics was severely held back by the technical limitations of the backend.

I think I can do better, so this time I've opted for NodeJS on the backend. It may not be ideal for real-time games but that's what I'm here to learn and find out.

The game started out at IGDA Estonia's first ever 48h hackathon. Although the event was about monetization and how to make money even before conceiving an actually fun to play game, me and another guy decided to make this instead. Confused faces in the front row during demoing weren't going to stop us.

I feel the text-based genre has so much to offer and yet to explore and I really love mashing different game genres. It's far easier to go into depth with this sort of interface and representation than having to draw everything and implement increasingly complex UI. Plus, whatever you can imagine in your head is far better than anything I could represent graphically.

Technical improvement over TBMS

As stated, the backend now uses NodeJS instead of running on MySQL queries. I've also redesigned the front-end upping the colours to 16 (IBM 5153, baby!) and writing a proper display class. Previously the content of the screen was a html element to which I appended new text. Now I use the HTML5 canvas and can do display.print(col, row, text, options) which is a lot more versatile and looks better as well.

Here's how it looks right now


Everything should be relatively comprehensible if you've played an RTS game before. You have map / different listings area and a sidebar showing info on selected object. The log area shows what's going on.

(Work in progress)
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Re: Introduction

Postby Chivalric » Sun Sep 27, 2015 12:11 am

This looks beautiful. I really like your style, and that hearkening back to VG roots.

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