Crash in explore mode

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Crash in explore mode

Postby Siesh » Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:19 pm

i'm using the last release of the game on a windows 10 home, worked good till i finished the provisioner's shipwreck quest then no more quest, so i tryed to explore autonomally the world... and that's where the game crashed.

it crash not in navigation mode but sistematically when i hit the explore button far from a city (else it go back to the city).
i've saved just before the first crash, so i tryed more e more times, navigating to different location, used the button in open seas, it crash even when i go to hios island directly from the city.

long story short, simply seems my explore button got extremly bugged.

P.S. done a new game, seems to work correctly, but the previous saved game continues to crash

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