A little piece of history

Hi, my name is Eigen Lenk. My original site zone.ee/alpond I started in 2002 is now unavailable but I wanted my old games to be available still. So I gathered what I could and put them all here. You can find all Al Pond games here but also Dr.Jummybummy 1 and other smaller games and projects. Sometime in the future I'd like to put up my development version of Jummybummy 2 here as well. I still have all the files! :) I planned on releasing Jummy 2 in 2004 but it started to linger and I never really finished it .. oh well.

Some of the older members of the AGI/SCI scene may still remember me. Anyone? :) So, what am I up to? I'm 22 years old atm, soon to be 23. I can't believe I was 15, almost 8 years ago, when I first started making AGI games .. But on to the present time. I'm studying IT in uni, hopefully graduating this spring. I'm still active in gamedev, working on my first real 3D game. I do a lot of programming and playing/singing in a band.

- December 2009


Al Pond 1
Al Pond 2
Al Pond: On Holiday

Dr. Jummybummy's Space Adventure
Dr. Jummybummy's Space Adventure 2 (Demo)

Band Quest (probably uncompleted) Use DosBox or similar to play. Mouse doesn't work in NAGI.

AGI competition games
The Long Haired Dude: Encounters Of The 18-th Kind
Journey Of Chef